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Glossarium in the EU report on Inland waterways

20TEUs (20-foot Equivalent Units): Unit of measurement for registering containers according to their dimensions and for the description of the capacity of container vessels and terminals. One ISO 20-foot container (20 feet long and 8 feet wide) corresponds to 1 TEU.

ARA ports: Abbreviation for the three major European ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Downstream navigation: navigation downriver

Downstream: Refers to the part of an inland waterway located between a given point and the embouchure or confluence.

Draught: Height of the immerged part of a vessel; thus draught affects the loading level.

Dry hold: Used for the transport of dry cargo.

Freight: Refers to goods being transported or the price of transport.

Handling: Transshipment of goods from one means of transport to another.

Hold: Compartment covering the larger part of a commercial vessel, for the storage of cargo to be transported.

Inland navigation / inland waterways transport: Transport of goods or persons on board a vessel intended for transport on a given network of inland waterways.

Inland waterway: Navigable inland waterways that may be used with a normal load by vessels with a minimum deadweight of 50 tones. Inland waterways include navigable rivers, lakes and canals.

Offer of transport or of capacity: Total loading capacity of the available fleet, expressed in tones.

Production/yield: The notion of production/yield is intended to define in index form the activity of inland waterways transport, taking into account a given level of demand ad the freight rates applied on the market.

River/sea transport: Transport of goods on board a river/sea vessel (seagoing vessel designed for use on inland waterways), carried out entirely or partly on the inland waterways network.

Service: Refers to the service of the transport of goods, expressed in tones/kilometer.

Tanker hold: Used for the transport of cargo in tankers.

Tones/kilometer (Tkm): Unit of measurement for transport services, corresponding to the transport of one tone over one kilometer of an inland waterway. Determined by multiplying the volume carried in tones by the distance traveled in kilometers.

Transshipment: Unoading of a cargo from one seagoing freight vessel and loading onto another seagoing freight vessel, even if the cargo has remained on land for any length of time before the transport continues.

Upstream navigation: Navigation traveling upstream.

Upstream: Refers to the part of an inland waterway located between a given point and the source.

Water conditions: height of the water in a river or canal, in cm.
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