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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Glossary
Abdominal aortic aneurysm: a bulging or ballooning of a weakened area of the abdominal aorta (main vessel of the arterial system of the body that extends through the abdomen). This term is often abbreviated to “AAA.”

Aneurysm: a bulng or ballooning of a weakened area of a blood vessel.

Aneurysm rupture: a tear in the vessel wall near or at the location of the bulging or ballooning of the weakened area of the blood vessel (Abdominal aortic aneurysm).

Aorta: the main trunk of the arterial system of the body.

CT scan: a series of computerized X-rays that form a picture of your aneurysm after placement of a stent graft.

Delivery catheter: a long tube-like device that assists in the placement of the stent graft within the blood vessels.

Edema: a condition in which the body issues contain a excessive amount of tissue fluid.

Endoleak: blood flow into the aneurysm after placement of a stent graft.

Endovascular stent grafting: a procedure in which a tube-shaped device is placed inside a diseased vessel without surgically opening the tissue surrounding the diseased vessel.

Excluded/exclusion: shutting off or removing from the main part.

Fluoroscopy: a real-time X-ray image that is viewed on a monitor.

Intravascular ultrasound: an image created on a monitor through the use of high-frequency sound waves from inside the blood vessel (artery only).

Occlusion: the closure or state of being closed.

Perigraft flow: blood flow through the material of the tube-shaped device.

Thrombus: a blood clot that obstructs a blood vessel or a cavity of the heart.
Last update on 2008-01-31