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Anatomical Terminology
Anterior: Toward the front, in front of

Posterior: Toward the back, behind

Ventral: Toward or related to the abdomen

Dorsal: Toward or related to the back

Superior: Above or up

Inferior: Below or down

Cephalad: Toward the head

Caudad: Toward the tail, feet

Medial: Toward the midline

Lateral: Away from the midline

External: Toward or on the surface

Internal: Away from the surface

Superficial: External

Deep: Internal

Proximal: Closer to the origin

Distal: Away from the origin

Peripheral: Away from the center

Central: Toward or in the center

Sagittal Plane: A vertical plane that divides the body into unequal right and left portions.

Median, Midsagittal or Midline Plane: A vertical plane passing through the center of the body, dividing it into equal right and left halves.

Paramedian or Parasagittal Plane: A plane parallel to the median plane dividing the body into unequal right and left portions.

Transverse or Horizontal Plane: A horizontal plane passing through the body and dividing it into inferior and superior portions.

Coronal or Frontal Plane: A vertical plane dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions.
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