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Copolyester Provides Alternatives to Glass Packaging
A new copolyester from Easman Chemical Co. (Capelle aan den Ijssel, Netherlands) is suited for medical packaging applications that traditionally have relied on glass. Developed for extrusion blow moulding, the Eastar copolyester MB002 resin can be used for medical applications where properties such as high clarity and gloss, coupled with high toughness and chemical resistance are desirable. In addition, the resin has been shown to support gamma and EtO sterilisation.

Artegrapht Inc. (North Brunswick, NJ, USA) made use of the resin after searching for an alternative to 21-in. glass culture tube that it used to package collagen vascular grafts. Problems with the glass tube breaking during transportation prompted the company to develop a stronger, more resilient package to protect its medical devices, which are used as a haemodyalysis graft for peripheral hypass. The firm deviated from the glass tube’s cylindrical shape when designing the plastic culture tube, giving it a flat side that allows it to resist rolling and potentially falling from eletated surfaces. The resin also supported other design changes, enabling the diameter of the tube’s neck opening to be increased and a peel-away, heat-shrink tamper evident seal to be added. The plastic materials was found to be compatible with the same sterility and validation processes used for the glass tubes, which had previously passed US FDA review criteria.

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European Medical Device Manufacturer Magazine
October 2007
Last update on 2008-03-06